There are several safety devices on the POWER8workshop which will prevent the tools from running in some cases. These steps may help you to understand how the tools work.

In the following cases no tools will run:

If the lid is open.

If the safety shield of the table saw is not fitted to the saw it will not run in table saw mode.

If the jigsaw is not fitted to the case lid correctly.

If a tool is fitted to the pillar and the internal connector. Eg you cannot leave the drill fitted to the pillar and use the table saw.

Perform this test:

  1. Remove all the tools from the case and the post.
  2. Connect a working battery to the main dock.
  3. Connect the torch to the power connector inside the case. If you do not have a torch you can use a drill but be aware that the chuck may spin when power is applied and cause damage or harm.
  4. Press and hold this switch which is designed to prevent the circular saw from running if the table saw blade shield is not fitted. The 2 circles indicate parts of the same switch.

  5. Press and hold this switch which is designed to prevent any tools from running if the lid is not closed.

  6. Press the green Start button to send power through the case to the torch head. The torch should light.

If the torch does not light please check each step above. Two safety buttons must be pressed and held when the green Start button is pressed or the torch will not light.

Further testing:

  • Press and hold the green Start button while the 2 safety switches are also pressed, the Start button can sometimes have a fault where it does not stay ON unless you hold it. Report this if it is at fault.
  • Try the drill press while testing the Lid Closed switch.
  • Check the connection between the charger and the case. See attached PDF file to do this. There is a small white plug between the case and the charger, this may be loose or have pins which are not connected correctly.